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Miranda Kerr has stolen Orlando Bloom’s heart


Orland Bloom was certain to receive a monstrous payday had this dude agreed to celeb in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Instead he decided to pass that up to spend more time with his girlfriend, lovely young model Miranda Kerr. This sexy celebrity is easily one of the most hot women on the planet so his decision is understandable. This guy would prefer to keep the money he has already made and spend his time on the beach where she can go topless and show the world how amazingly sexy this sweetheart is. We love young celeb Miranda Kerr and hope she models topless more often.

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Britney Spears enjoying a cup of coffee during controversy

Britney Spears 1

There’s a bit of controversy brewing around young celeb Britney Spears and her habit of lip-synching some of the songs at her concerts. When you consider all the dancing the hot celeb is doing it’s not a surprise. This hottie would be too out of breath to sing. In Australia the authorities are upset over it and they’re considering forcing her to tell the fans that some of the songs have been recorded. It seems kind of stupid so why not get off some pictures of the chick outdoors trying to brush off the problem. See the sexy celeb relax.

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Hayden Panettiere looking priceless after the Kimmel show

Hayden Panettiere looking worthy after the Kimmel show

Hayden Panettiere looking good after the Kimmel show

After an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Hayden Panettiere changed into a casual outfit to hit the streets and head back home. This nice-looking blonde celebrity looks good in just about anything and the cute boots were a really fine touch. It’s her sweet smile that really amazes though. She can warm a crowd or your heart with it and this woman doesn’t hesitate. You can catch some hot looks at her celebrity booty in those shorts when this sweetheart reaches up and the shirt lifts. You got to love hot celebs, right?

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Rihanna shows of a gown with a deep twat

Rihanna shows of a gown with a deep slit

Rihanna shows of a gown with a deep slit

Sexy celebrity Rihanna is a nice-looking caramel goddess with a world class body that she knows this woman needs to show off. She doesn’t mind flaunting it and during a night out in New York she was captured by paparazzi wearing a daring costume with a slit all the way up to her nether region. The young celeb wore it well and everyone looking on was amazed at how confidently this babe walked. This is a girl that knows people desire her and she revels in it. She’s a nice-looking celeb and you should appreciate her beauty.

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Tara Reid naked photos for Playboy


Sexy actress Tara Reid poses naked in photo shoot for Playboy Magazine. The actress posed entirely naked for the popular magazine at a private residence on October 7 in Santa Monica, Calif. Tara Reid naked pictures available only for the members of

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Ashley Tisdale smoking pretty in a bikini in Mexico

Ashley Tisdale 1

Ashley Tisdale is a blooming beauty. The young celebrity became famous for her role in the High School Musical movie scenes and now the gorgeous blonde (and sometimes brunette) is an adult and we can all admire the hotness of her celebrity body in a bikini. She took a vacation to Mexico and when girls with hot bodies are at the beach or the pool they always wear their bikinis. She is sensational and inspirational and will have you dreaming of erotic pleasures. That’s why we love sexy celebrities and their hot bods.

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Megan Fox looks super beautiful going out for coffee

Megan Fox 1

The way you can tell a truly nice-looking celebrity from one that’s made to look hot on camera is how they look when they’re doing the little things in life. Hot celebrity Megan Fox was recently snapped by the paparazzi as she made a coffee run. She’s wearing thick rimmed glasses and has her hair pulled back. The outfit is beautiful simple and yet she looks about as sexy as a gal ever has. Does this young celebrity ever look bad or is she just the hottest thing on the planet?

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Carmen Electra lesbian play with some very pretty kissing action.


Carmen Electra leaked movie shows lesbian playWe all know that Carmen Electra is a babe and that her body is a work of art. If you’ve paid attention to interviews you know that she’s totally into sex too. Thus it should be no surprise that the new Carmen Electra leaked video scene shows her hooking up with babes. That’s right, Carmen Electra is apparently bi-sexual. In the leaked sex celebrity sex tape you can see her kissing a girl passionately while they’re nude and half nude. It’s utterly excellent and she looks so priceless. To see her tongue dancing with that of the other chick is beyond excellent. You need to see Carmen Electra celebrity sex tape right now.

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Vanessa Hudgens showing her cute bazookas in a naked shot


Hot celeb Vanessa Hudgens thought she was doing something sweet and a little bit naughty for her boyfriend when she whipped out her cell phone and snapped a few naked photos. This sweetheart was standing in her mirror wearing a sparkly little belt around her waist to cover her pussy but the delicious celeb zeppelins and the tight tummy are there for the viewing. This is one smoking hot hottie. You can see why she’s so popular. Now you too can see Vanessa Hudgens naked in shots that were intended for her boyfriend only.

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Katy Perry likes revealing outfits when this babe goes out

Katy Perry 1

Katy Perry is a hot singer from Britain with a seemingly loose attitude towards sexuality and nudity. She sang a song called “I Kissed a Girl” so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by that. At a recent concert the hot celebrity attended she was wearing a delicious silver top that left a whole lot of skin exposed. From the right angle most of her mangos were there for the viewing. That’s something we can all get behind, right? Hot celeb Katy Perry showing her goodies is a pleasure for everyone.

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